10 Cloverfield Lane Director Wants to Make a Video Game

10 Cloverfield Lane Director Wants to Make a Video Game

10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg has already made a video game film, as he directed 2011’s Portal: No Escape short. Now, he says he wants to go to the other side and make a game.

In an interview with Glixel, the director revealed that he has in fact already started talking about “video game stuff with some people.” Don’t hold your breath for a Trachtenberg game, however, as it sounds like it could be a while before the title comes out, if it ever does.

“I have a feeling I’ll have to make a few more movies before I ever get a shot at making a game, but I’d love to make a game at some point,” he said.

Trachtenberg did not share any further details about who he’s in discussions with or what kind of game he wants to make. Another director, JJ Abrams (Star Wars, Star Trek), is working with Infinity Blade studio Chair Entertainment on an action-strategy game called Spyjinx for mobile and PC.

Glixel’s full interview with Trachtenberg is wide-ranging and incredibly fascinating. He also talks about wanting to make something in virtual reality (“I would love to crack that nut at some point soon”), directing an episode of Black Mirror, and how he played video games every night after shooting on 10 Cloverfield Lane wrapped up. He also revealed that he’s playing Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, Dishonored 2, and The Last Guardian right now. He’s also a big-time World of Warcraft player.

“I bring the games with me wherever I go and it’s a big part of my creative life, for sure,” he said.

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