Amazon Launches Anime Streaming Service

Amazon Launches Anime Streaming Service

Amazon has launched its own curated anime streaming service, Anime Strike. A subscription costs $5 per month and additionally requires a $100-per-year Amazon Prime subscription.

Anime Strike features a selection of what Amazon describes as “serious anime,” a lot of which is from the seinen genre (anime geared toward teenage boys and young men). There are currently over 1,000 anime movies and episodes available (via The Hollywood Reporter), and Amazon says that more episodes will be added every week.

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Critically acclaimed films Akira and Paprika are available alongside popular action series like Akame ga Kill, Rurouni Kenshin, and High School of the Dead. Anime Strike also has exclusive streaming rights to certain series, which include The Great Passage and Scum’s Wish.

The exclusives are of course unavailable for streaming anywhere else, but much of the remainder of Anime Strike’s library overlaps with other popular anime streaming services, like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix.

The launch of Anime Strike comes a little more than year after Amazon debuted its a la carte streaming service, which includes HBO Now and Starz.