Another App Shut Down on Wii U

Another App Shut Down on Wii U

BBC’s iPlayer app will no longer function on Wii U as of today, January 16. Nintendo confirmed the news in a blog post, citing “an end in the license agreement between the BBC and Nintendo.”

The app, which only worked in the UK because of rights agreements, was pulled from the Nintendo eShop on August 31, 2016. From then it continued to work as normal for those who’d already downloaded it–until now.

Nintendo did not state why the license agreement had not been renewed, and nor has it commented on any potential replacement on its new console, the Nintendo Switch, which launches on March 3.

BBC iPlayer isn’t the first app to be canned from the Wii U. Wii Street U, the Wii U’s custom Google Maps app, shut down last year. That came after video streaming app TVii ceased working in 2015. TVii was canceled in Europe before it even launched.

iPlayer apps on other consoles, such as PS4 and Xbox One, remain unaffected.