Batsuit That Michael Keaton Wore In Batman Returns Sells For $41,000

Batsuit That Michael Keaton Wore In Batman Returns Sells For $41,000

The Batsuit that Michael Keaton wore in Batman Returns sold at auction this week. According to Entertainment Weekly, it went for $41,250 at an auction in Los Angeles. As the auction listing shows, only one person bid on the costume.

The cowl, cape, and body of the suit were actually worn by Keaton in the 1992 Tim Burton movie, while the gloves, belt, Batman insignia, and shoes are replicas.

The 6’5″ suit comes dressed on a mannequin with a face modeled after Keaton’s. The mannequin stands on a two-foot gray-white base with the title “Batman Returns” in the center. Though there are some imperfections where the cape and cowl meet (due to glue), the suit is said to be in “very good condition.” It sure should be, if someone paid $40,000-plus for it…

The price is well below the $250,000 that someone paid for the suit that Christian Bale wore in Batman Begins, according to EW.

Keaton portrayed Batman twice, in 1989’s Batman and the 1992 sequel, Batman Returns. He did not come back for the third movie, Batman Forever, because he says the script “sucked.” Val Kilmer played Batman in that movie; he was replaced by George Clooney in 1997’s Batman and Robin.

Ben Affleck is the current Batman actor, having played the character most recently in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He’ll play the part again in this year’s Justice League.

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