Battleborn Update Lets You Replay the Prologue–Or Skip It

Battleborn Update Lets You Replay the Prologue–Or Skip It

Not long after the release of Borderlands developer Gearbox Software’s new shooter Battleborn, the studio has now released an update that delivers some new, community-requested functionality.

Thanks to the new update, you can now re-watch Battleborn’s intro cinematic in the game. This is a unique-looking video that sets up the story, but it is also longer than some might like and apparently couldn’t be skipped. That’s now changed, as this new update gives you the option to click through it if you want.

Additionally, Battleborn’s prologue mission, starring the character Mellka, can now be replayed.

These new options were delivered to the game on Wednesday, though you might not have noticed. This is because they were brought to the game through Gearbox’s Shift system instead of a traditional update.

A 2K Games representative told GameSpot that Battleborn fans can expect more updates that deliver community-requested features like this in the future.

“You keep telling us what you’re loving–and what you’re noticing while playing–and with your help, we’ll work hard to keep improving Battleborn,” reads a line from a blog post on the subject. “We have a team of people at Gearbox and 2K dedicated to the mission of self-improvement, and [this week’s hotfix] is just one small example of the kinds of things we can quickly fine-tune on the fly.”

The blog post goes on to say that larger updates, which require certification from first-parties Microsoft and Sony, will take longer. Battleborn’s first update of this type is in the works now. It will address an issue involving the character Marquis.

Battleborn launched on May 3 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. For more, check out GameSpot’s review-in-progress.