Brilliant Shooter Downwell Heads to PS4/Vita for $5 This Month

Brilliant Shooter Downwell Heads to PS4/Vita for $5 This Month

Downwell, the excellent shooter where you fall down a well while shooting things with your weaponized boots, is headed to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita later this month.

Creator Ojiro Fumoto announced on the PlayStation Blog today that Downwell lands on both platforms on May 24. It’ll be priced at $5 and features cross-buy support, letting you purchase it for one system and then play it on both.

If you haven’t played it yet, Downwell is a shoot-em-up where, rather than scrolling up or to the right, you’re constantly falling downward. You can slow your descent by firing your weapon (gunboots) or stop completely by landing on a platform or ledge, though you’re rewarded for killing enemies without stopping. There are shops and powerups found along the way, but eventually you’ll die and restart with a new, randomly generated series of levels. You’ll unlock some permanent options (like color palettes), but you’ll otherwise enter each run fresh.

Downwell was first released late last year on mobile (where it plays surprisingly well with touch controls) and PC. If you’d prefer not to wait for later this month, you can currently grab it on sale on Steam for $1.49.