Check Out New Pikachu Wii U Controller for Pokken Tournament

Check Out New Pikachu Wii U Controller for Pokken Tournament

An upcoming gamepad for Pokken Tournament features the iconic mouse Pokemon, Pikachu. It’s yellow and black, shows Pikachu performing a dragon punch, and looks awesome. Unfortunately, it’s only set for a Japan release at this time.

The controller is made by manufacturer Hori, according to Pokemon website Serebii. Hori is the same company that made the Wii U’s Pokken Tournament gamepad, which eventually saw a release outside of Japan. You can check out the Pikachu gamepad in the image below.

The Pikachu gamepad costs 3758¥, which is equivalent to about $35 USD. GameSpot will keep you up-to-date if new information about its release plans is revealed. If it does see an international release, it’s important to note that only player two is able to use the Pikachu-themed controller; in Pokken Tournament, player one must always use the Wii U’s touchscreen gamepad.

Pokken Tournament received a score of 9 in GameSpot’s review, in which critic Tamoor Hussain concluded, “Nintendo’s Wii U provides a paucity of fighting games, but Pokken Tournament has redeemed that drought by being one of the best on any platform. Frequently magnificent to look at, delicately designed, and rewarding for players across all skill levels, it’s the Pokemon fighting game deserving of a 20-year wait.”

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