Dark Souls 3 Player Stats Show Boss Success Rates

Dark Souls 3 Player Stats Show Boss Success Rates

Steam’s global gameplay stats for Dark Souls 3 allow for an interesting set of statistics to be extrapolated about its players.

The game’s achievements mark when a player lights a bonfire, joins covenants, and, most importantly, defeat bosses. It reveals that over 13 percent of players have not defeated the game’s first boss, Ludex Gundyr, who appears after around 15 minutes of play.

It’ll come as no surprise that the number of players that defeat further bosses decreases steadily as the game goes on. Just one percent of players have managed to acquire all the rings, miracles, and gestures in the game.

0.9 percent of players have managed to complete all the achievements in the game. Take a look at the stats below or see it here. It’s worth bearing in mind these will likely change over time, as more players continue to play the game.

Of course, a few players have emerged as a cut above the rest. Among these are one that beat the final boss without rolling or blocking, and another that completed Dark Souls 3 in under two hours.

Dark Souls 3 received a score of 8 in GameSpot’s review, in which critic Mike Mahardy said, “This is the essence of Dark Souls 3: periods of doubt, followed by great reward. The journey may be rocky, but there’s a throne waiting at the end.”