Destiny Update Coming In Mid-February Addresses Crucible Balance Issues

Destiny Update Coming In Mid-February Addresses Crucible Balance Issues

Bungie has provided an overview of what to expect from a forthcoming Destiny update, the focus of which is on Crucible balancing.

Update does not yet have patch notes, but senior designer Josh Hamrick did share some of the goals Bungie has for it. “Sandbox and Crucible designers have been investigating and updating the competitive ecosystem, and I am proud to say that we are getting very close,” he said in a blog post. “Through experimentation and near daily battles to the (digital) death, we have begun to home in on a set of changes that we believe freshens things up.”

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A total of five goals are listed, such as providing alternatives and counters for shotguns and making adjustments to Special weapon ammo. The full list follows below.

  • Promote alternatives and counters to shotguns
  • Align potency of Primary weapons with surgical changes
  • File down a couple of issues from each class
  • Fix some issues with a sampler platter of Exotics
  • Supporting adjustments to Special ammunition

Hamrick admitted this list doesn’t provide the level of detail players will be hoping for, saying, “I hope that these snippets of information will at least tide you over until we can tell you more.” He also teased a livestream where Bungie will share more, adding, “Maybe we can even do that live in the near future.”

Update is slated to arrive in mid-February, so it shouldn’t be long before we hear more. That release date could always shift, but that’s what the current schedule points to. One thing we know for sure we won’t be seeing in February is a return of last year’s Valentine’s Day event.