Destiny's Companion App to Make It Easier to Find Players for Raids

Destiny's Companion App to Make It Easier to Find Players for Raids

While there’s not much in the way of new content for Destiny on the immediate horizon, Bungie has detailed improvements it’s making to the process of finding people to play with.

Bungie already has a recruitment forum for finding people to do certain activities with–namely raids–that the game doesn’t offer matchmaking for. It’s an imperfect solution, and most players resort to third-party solutions for finding other group members.

Improvements to the forums should soon make it a more viable way for assembling a group. Accessible right from the mobile Destiny companion app (as pictured in the gallery above), the forums will allow for you to easily select what kind of group you’re looking for (or looking to fill out). You can filter by things like platform and specific activity, ensuring you don’t waste time scanning listings that aren’t of interest to you.

When creating a group, you can identify what kinds of players you’re seeking. For instance, you can insist they come with a microphone or state what kind of tone and intensity level prospective players will be in for.

These changes should go live sometime next week for both the public recruitment forums and clan forums. Keep in mind that while this should help you to find other players, you’ll still need to go through the standard process of connecting with each other in-game.

Bungie’s latest weekly update also teased that next week should bring dates for the next Iron Banner event. As for new content, another expansion is coming later this year that we should start to hear about this summer, and a sequel is slated for 2017.