Final Fantasy 10 Rocks With This Awesome Drum Cover

Final Fantasy 10 Rocks With This Awesome Drum Cover

YouTube drummer Andrew Fleming has followed up his Sonic “Green Hill Zone” drum cover with a new one published today for the “Battle Theme” from 2001’s PlayStation 2 game Final Fantasy X.

Like the Sonic video, this one also rocks. Check it out:

That fill at 0:42 is probably my favorite part, but the whole thing is really solid.

As mentioned, this is not Fleming’s first gaming video. Last year, he posted an awesome Destiny drum cover, following it up with the Sonic video earlier this month. You can watch all of Fleming’s videos on his AF Drums YouTube page.

It also looks like it won’t be his last. He’s asking his Twitter followers what song to cover next, with the choices being the themes from Game of Thrones, Pokemon Red, and Super Mario Bros. 3. Game of Thrones is leading the way right now in the community vote. Make your choice here.

In other news about Final Fantasy, the next major news event for Final Fantasy XV is taking place at E3.