GameStop Praises Nintendo Switch, Now Taking Preorders

GameStop Praises Nintendo Switch, Now Taking Preorders

Retailer GameStop is now accepting preorders for the Nintendo Switch, the company announced today. As announced during Nintendo’s event last night, the $300 console goes on sale on March 3.

GameStop’s website has a full rundown of available items, including $300 bundles that come with gray joy-con controllers or the neon blue/neon red edition. Official accessories such as the joy-con comfort grip ($15), charging dock ($30), extra joy-con controllers ($80), carrying case with screen protector ($20), and more are also available to preorder right now. Switch games are also available to preorder–check out GameSpot’s roundup of all the confirmed Switch titles here.

“Nintendo has once again changed how video games will be played with the launch of the new Nintendo Switch,” GameStop merchandising VP Bob Puzon said in a statement. “This new innovative system will offer gamers a new gaming experience without boundaries, and that will be momentous for the industry.”

To reserve a Nintendo Switch at GameStop, you need to put down a $50 deposit; this is then applied to the $300 price of the console.

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Additionally, GameStop has rolled out a special offer for those looking to pick up a Switch and have hardware they don’t want anymore. People who trade in a Wii U, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PlayStation VR headset will receive an extra $50 in store credit when applied to the purchase of the Switch; PowerUp Rewards Pro members get $75 in store credit. Meanwhile, trading in a Wii or 3DS gets you 20 in credit when applied to the the Switch, while Pro members get $30.

Go to GameStop’s trade-in page to learn more about trade values.

The Nintendo Switch is also available to preorder at Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon.