GameStop's Trade-In Program, As Explained With Goats

GameStop's Trade-In Program, As Explained With Goats

Video game retailer GameStop is rolling out a new ad campaign–and it’s definitely unique. The spot teaches you how GameStop’s trade-in program works, using goats instead of video games (for the first part, at least).

See it for yourself below.

GameStop’s new commercials, including 30- and 60-second versions, will air May 2-29 on TV through networks like Adult Swim, Comedy Central, ESPNU, FXX, MTV, Spike, TBS, and Toon Disney. The video will also run online, at places like Facebook and elsewhere.

A GameStop representative tells GameSpot that the company’s data shows people are generally aware of GameStop’s buy/sell/trade model. However, not everyone is up to speed on everything there is to know. This humorous video aims to help educate people about GameStop’s program.

This video, produced by advertising agency The Richards Group, represents GameStop’s first nationally televised commerical that is not focused on the promotion of a publisher’s game or system.

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