Get Uncharted 4 and a Year of PlayStation Plus for $79

Get Uncharted 4 and a Year of PlayStation Plus for $79

If you’re patient and in the market for Uncharted 4 and a PlayStation Plus membership, there’s an excellent deal going on right now.

Over on eBay, you can pick up a copy of Uncharted 4 (which releases tomorrow) and a 12-month Plus membership for just $79. That’s awfully cheap, and it comes from a highly rated eBay seller with free shipping.

Even when Plus goes on sale, it’s typically for no less than $40. Combined with a Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked or Amazon Prime 20 percent discount on the game, that’s still about $88 for both of these things. Of course, taking advantage of this means you won’t be getting your hands on Uncharted 4 on launch day, which is a trade-off not everyone is likely willing to accept.

Other offers on Uncharted 4 this week include a free Nathan Drake Funko Pop figure at Target and a free collectible coin at Best Buy. It’s also not too late to preorder, which gets you different bonuses depending upon where you do so.

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