Grab Dead Rising 4 for $30 (or Less) Today, Only 3 Weeks After Release

Grab Dead Rising 4 for $30 (or Less) Today, Only 3 Weeks After Release

Less than a month after release, Dead Rising 4 on Xbox One can already be had for just $30, or potentially even less.

Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop are selling it for $30 today. Anyone with a Gamers Club Unlocked membership can still get the usual 20 percent discount at Best Buy, bringing the game’s price down to just $24–which is just barely more than the number of days the game has been out. It launched on December 6.

This is for the standard, physical edition of the game. Best Buy and GameStop also have the digital version down to $30 (though that’s not eligible for the GCU discount), while the Digital Deluxe edition is down to $50 (from $80). Amazon is selling each of those digital versions for $10 more, which still represents a $20 savings over the usual prices.

Best Buy’s offer is a deal of the day, so you only have today to take advantage. It’s unclear when Amazon and GameStop’s discounts expire.

Dead Rising 4 is, at least for the time being, only available on Xbox One and PC. It’s not, however, an Xbox Play Anywhere game. The game also notably lacks campaign co-op support, instead relegating its cooperative multiplayer to a separate mode. For more, check out GameSpot’s review.