Halo 5 Req Changes, Warlords Playlist Feedback Revealed

Halo 5 Req Changes, Warlords Playlist Feedback Revealed

Halo 5 developer 343 Industries has outlined some of the Req changes that rolled out on February 3. As posted on Halo’s website, the Req changes include a lot of tweaks to weapons and more.

You can see a full rundown of the Req changes below.

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The blog post also covers last weekend’s “Warlords” playlist for Warzone, which was a test of sorts that allowed teams of 12 to play together instead of the standard six.

“While the total number of players who participated in Warzone actually exceeded our expectations, it’s still a very, very tiny fraction of our overall Halo 5 player population (and a small sliver of the normal Warzone population),” 343 said. “By Sunday the population had all but dried up and the matching experience deteriorated dramatically.”

It added: “Warlords was an interesting experiment at least in the sense that it was a really cool exercise to build an event and promote and drive a focused group of players toward one playlist at one time. Friday afternoon and into Saturday was pretty cool to see and we think there’s something to a potential Warlords offering being semi-frequent but spaced out enough to drive critical mass and allow teams to better plan and coordinate.”

Currently, 343 is looking at feedback and data, as well as some of the bugs that popped up. If everything goes to plan, 343 might bring back Warlords for another test “in a month or so.”

Finally, 343 announced that this weekend’s Mythic Firefight playlist is on the map Prospect. As usual, there is bonus XP for people who play; it ends on Monday, February 6, at 10 AM PT.

Halo 5 Req Changes (February 3)

  • Wasps 3/4/5 -> 4/5/6
    • On some maps, a combination of the base assault and first boss can get most of a team to level 3 once the first armoury is captured. Moving the T1 wasp up a level avoids seeing half a team immediately spawn them. The Hannibal wasp’s armament and dodging ability make it competitive with a sword banshee or scorpion, so it fits well at level 6
  • Base Phaeton 8 -> 7
    • Given its low health and the introduction of the Helios, the base phaeton fits better with the tier 3 banshees at level 7.
  • Gunfighter Magnum 3 -> 2
    • We saw that players were preferring BRs to the gunfighter magnum.
  • Tactical Magnum 4 -> 3
    • Level 4 has a silenced BR, so moving down to level 3 invites debate between the silenced pistol and non-silenced BR.
  • Morph Sight : AR 4 -> 1, BR 6 -> 3, DMR 8 -> 6, SMG 7 -> 4 (to the same as hybrid [carbine] sight)
    • Puts these sights in-line with the other sights of their REQ energy level
  • Base Plasma Pistol 3 -> 2
    • This will hopefully provide a better counter for players at REQ level 2 battling players at level 3 or above who are in vehicles
  • Random Vehicle (Ultra-Rare) 6 -> 7
    • Moving up a notch allows greater differentiation from the Random Vehicle (Rare) at 5
  • Random Weapons & Random Vehicles (All)
    • Tweaked probabilities to avoid over- or under-powered REQs for their levels

Armor Mods Changes:

  • REQ Energy Level 3
    • Death From Above
    • Grenadier
    • Patrol Case
  • REQ Energy Level 4
    • Auto-Medic
    • Speed Booster
    • Frag Grenade Expert
    • Plasma Grenade Expert
    • Splinter Grenade Expert
  • REQ Energy Level 5
    • Reflex Enhancers
    • Upgraded Thrusters
    • Increased Strength
  • REQ Energy Level 6
    • Advanced Sensors
    • Wheelman
    • Upgraded Shields

343 encouraged players to send in their feedback regarding these Req changes, as the developer might address them again.