Halo Wars 2 Infographic Reveals Most Popular Leader And Other Stats

Halo Wars 2 Infographic Reveals Most Popular Leader And Other Stats

The second Halo Wars 2 open beta ended this week. Now, developer 343 Industries has published a detailed infographic that speaks to some of the notable figures that players achieved during the 10-day pre-release play period.

Cutter was the most popular leader, while the split between UNSC and Banished was pretty even, with UNSC coming out ahead with 1.57 million wins, compared to 1.52 for the Banished.

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In all, players spent more than 796,000 hours playing the beta and killed 170.354 million units. Take a look at the infographic above to learn more.

343 shared this inforgraphic as part of its latest weekly blog post. Read the post here to get the latest on not only Halo Wars 2, but the newest developments for Halo 5 and more.

Among other things, it talks about the Classic Helmet Req Pack arriving on February 9. Priced at $10, the DLC comes with helmets that Master Chief wore in past games. Take a look at some of these below.

Halo Wars 2 launches in full on February 21, though people who buy the $80 Ultimate Edition can start playing on February 17. It is an Xbox Play Anywhere title, so buying it digitally on one platform gets you access to the other for free. All progress, including saves and achievements, is available on each platform.