Here's Another Chance to Buy a PS4 for $250

Here's Another Chance to Buy a PS4 for $250

If you were unable to take advantage of some of the pre-Christmas sales on the PS4, you have another opportunity to pick one up right now for $250, $50 less than usual.

Over on eBay, highly regarded seller antonline is selling the Uncharted 4 PS4 bundle for $250 with free shipping (and no tax in most places). This is the newer, slim revision of the PS4 that debuted in September, but don’t mistake it for the higher-end PS4 Pro that launched in November.

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This pricing matches some of the best that was available during the holiday season, including Black Friday. Certain retailers threw in additional extras on top of the $250 price, but this is generally as cheap as you can expect to find a PS4 (or Xbox One, for that matter) right now.

There’s no end date listed for this offer, though more than 90 percent of the available stock has already been sold, so you should act quickly if you’re interested. If you’d rather shop on Amazon, you can get the same bundle for $265, albeit through a third-party seller.

PS4 recently eclipsed the 53-million-units-sold mark, with 6.2 million consoles having sold during the holiday period. Uncharted 4, this bundle’s included game, has sold over 8.7 million units since launch, though that likely includes copies included with PS4 bundles.