Here’s What Beating Resident Evil 7 Unlocks

Here’s What Beating Resident Evil 7 Unlocks

If you haven’t beaten Resident Evil 7 yet, you have a few new features to look forward to when you do.

Completing the game unlocks a harder difficulty, Madhouse Mode–provided you didn’t unlock it via a pre-order bonus already–as well as The Secrets of Defense handbook, which increases the damage you can absorb by blocking with your arms.

You also get the Albert-01R handgun, a powerful late-game weapon that can kill most enemies in a single shot.

Madhouse Mode adds a slew of challenges:

  • Health doesn’t regenerate
  • More frequent, faster enemies in new locations
  • Items are more sparse and have been moved around
  • You have to collect and carry cassette tapes to use in save rooms, much like ink ribbons from old Resident Evil games
  • Auto-saves far less often

Resident Evil 7 launched on PS4, Xbox One, and PC earlier this week. Read our review and see how it fits into the series’ universe.