How to Get a NES Classic This Week

How to Get a NES Classic This Week

Nintendo’s $60 NES Classic Edition went on sale last Friday, November 11, and quickly sold out at retailers basically everywhere. Now, Walmart has announced that it will have units available to buy through its website every day this week at 2 PM / 5 PM ET.

As announced on Facebook (via Polygon), Walmart says it will have “limited quantities” of the hard-to-find console available every day at that time until November 18. Here is the page to bookmark. Don’t worry about the price shown on the page or the seller, as those are only placeholders.

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Nintendo has acknowledged the NES Classic supply issues, promising to have more stock available in the coming weeks and through the holiday.

Xbox executive Shannon Loftis apparently tried to find an NES Classic recently but came up empty and voiced her displeasure. “Come on, Nintendo. Why would you short-bake these??” she wrote on Twitter.

For more on the Classic Edition, check out GameSpot’s full review. You can also see a list of all 30 games it comes with here. Have you been able to find one? Let us know in the comments below!