John Wick 2 Cast Learn "Gun-Fu" In New Video

John Wick 2 Cast Learn "Gun-Fu" In New Video

The acclaimed thriller John Wick delivered some of the most exciting action scenes for some time, and the upcoming John Wick: Chapter 2 looks no different. A new video reveals the training that the cast took to deliver what is termed “gun-fu”. Check it out below:

A couple of new clips from the movie have also been released over the past week. One showed Wick returning to a familiar location, while in another he gets fitted for some new threads. A batch of images were also released, and check out the most recent trailer.

John Wick: Chapter 2 stars Keanu Reves as the struggling-to-stay-retired assassin, and the cast also includes Common, Laurence Fishburne, Bridget Moynahan, John Leguizamo, and Ian McShane.

Director Chad Stahelski recently revealed that he was already planning a third John Wick movie. “The studio has asked us to put our heads together and see if we can come up with something,” he said. “Winston [the character played by McShane] is a big part of the next one, so is Lance Reddick. We’ve got some ideas.”

In related news, David Leitch, who co-directed the first John Wick and produces the sequel, has been hired to helm Deadpool 2, after original director Tim Miller quit the movie.

John Wick: Chapter 2 arrives in theaters on February 10, 2017.