John Wick 2 Review Roundup

John Wick 2 Review Roundup

John Wick: Chapter 2, the sequel to the 2014 hit starring Keanu Reeves, is coming out this Friday, February 10. Ahead of that, reviews for the action movie started to show up today.

We’ve collected excerpts from a number of reviews and put them together into a roundup to help you get an idea for if the film is worth your time and money.

Reeves returns to play Wick, a reluctant-but-ruthless dog-loving hitman. The film also stars Common, Laurence Fishburne, Bridget Moynahan, and John Leguizamo. It was directed by Chad Stahleski, who co-directed the original alongside David Leitch.

For more on the critical reaction to John Wick Chapter 2, go to GameSpot sister site Metacritic.

A John Wick virtual reality game, John Wick Chronicles, launches on February 9 for HTC Vive. The $20 game puts you into Wick’s shoes with the task of assassinating targets. The game was developed by Payday 2 studio Starbreeze.

  • Film: John Wick: Chapter 2
  • Release Date: February 10
  • Starring: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, John Leguizamo, Bridget Moynahan, Ruby Rose, Lance Reddick.
  • Directed By: Chad Stahelski
  • Rating: R
  • Runtime: 122 minutes


“As in 2014’s surprise hit, this elegantly choreographed action sequel elevates its brutal confrontations to a dazzling form of modern dance.” — Peter Debruge [Full review]

The Hollywood Reporter

“Ambitiously expanding the follow-up to a global scale implicitly signals its intention to operate at the level of iconic international actioners like the Bond, Bourne and Mission: Impossible series. The success of John Wick: Chapter 2 will go a long way toward demonstrating whether the franchise can distinguish itself from the competition in that rarefied realm, although it appears to have a good chance of topping its predecessor’s opening weekend haul of nearly $14.5 million.” — Justin Lowe [Full review]

The Wrap

“John Wick’s world is elegant and vicious, full of slaughter and courtesies and, if Chapter 2 can’t quite replicate the original’s sense of discovery, its ending still made me wish Chapter 3 could start right away.” — Robert Abele [Full review]

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“I went into John Wick: Chapter 2 expecting a decent sequel that paid homage to the first. I walked out pleasantly surprised at how fresh, unique, and improved Stahelski managed to make it seem in comparison to the first, and excited for the future of the franchise that’s already emerging.” — Julia Alexander [Full review]