Luigi Gets Revenge, Uses Death Stare in Real-Life Mario Kart Video

Luigi Gets Revenge, Uses Death Stare in Real-Life Mario Kart Video

The Mario Kart Luigi “Death Stare” meme comes to life in new way with a slickly produced video that shows what happens when you make Luigi mad.

From YouTube’s devinsupertramp (via Game Informer) comes a real-world Mario Kart balloon battle with a devastating conclusion. Luigi suffers a poor start and is put down as being an inconsequential sidekick to Mario. He doesn’t take this sitting down, going on to exact revenge on his enemies, even his brother. The actor who portrays Luigi does a solid job of nailing Luigi’s famous death stare.

If you want to see how this impressive video came together, you can check out this behind-the-scenes clip that shows the great lengths the producers went to.

The song from the video, Na-G & Encore’s “Luigi #1,” is also really good–listen to it again here on Soundcloud.

“This was a passion project! It’s been my dream for the longest time to make a Mario Kart in real life video,” devinsupertramp says. “So grateful for everyone that came together to make this one happen. This was 100 percent a team effort with so many passionate people coming together to make it happen.”

“It’s been my ultimate goal to work with Nintendo one day, and this was made with the hope that they would see how passionate I am about their brand,” he added.

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