Madden 17 Predicts Super Bowl 51 Winner Today

Madden 17 Predicts Super Bowl 51 Winner Today

Football fans have to wait until Sunday to find out who will win Super Bowl LI. But what team does EA’s Madden game think will win? The developer will announce the results of its annual Madden Super Bowl simulation today, crowning either the New England Patriots or Atlanta Falcons the champions.

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The developer will use Madden NFL 17 to simulate the game, using up-to-date rosters, ultimately determining a final score. We should also learn who the MVP is, among other things. We’ll update this post with the results of the simulation as soon as they are announced.

Last year, the Madden Super Bowl simulation got it wrong, picking the Carolina Panthers to win, when in reality it was the Denver Broncos who emerged victorious. A year before that, however, the simulation picked the Patriots to beat the Seahawks 28-24–and that’s exactly what happened.

Super Bowl LI takes place on Sunday, February 6, in Houston, Texas. The Patriots are three-point favorites, while the over/under is 58.5; that’s the highest-ever for a Super Bowl.

We’re expecting a lot of new movie trailers to air during the big game, and we’ll round them up in a post here on GameSpot so you can watch them all in one place.

Which team do you think will win Super Bowl LI and why? Let us know in the comments below!