Micro Machines Returns Soon, Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC

Micro Machines Returns Soon, Coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC

Beloved mini racing series Micro Machines is returning soon, with a new release on current-gen consoles.

Micro Machines World Series launches in April for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Publisher Codemasters announced alongside a new trailer showing off the game’s tiny vehicles in seemingly giant environments. Take a look at the video below.

“Micro Machines World Series will retain the manic social game play of the classic series,” begins the announcement. “But will bring a new dimension to the experience with stunning HD visuals–taking you to the much-loved household environments as they’ve never been seen before.”

World Series supports up to four-player splitscreen play, and 12 players in online multiplayer. Along with classic modes like Race and Elimination, World Series will also introduce a new Battle Mode in which the objective is to destroy your buddies rather than out-run them. There’s also team-based game modes like King of the Hill and Capture the Flag, though further details have not been shared.

World Series will be the first mainline game in the franchise since Micro Machines V4, which released to lukewarm critical reception in 2006 for PS2, PSP, DS, and PC. However, both the original Micro Machines and its sequel, Turbo Tournament, received critical acclaim at their respective 1991 and 1994 launches, and are still much-loved today.