More Free Content for The Division Season Pass Owners Now Available

More Free Content for The Division Season Pass Owners Now Available

In addition to access to all of The Division‘s expansions, the game’s $40 Season Pass gets you “special benefits” every month like free content. Now, May 2016’s Season Pass extra content is available.

As announced by Ubisoft on Twitter, up for grabs this month for Season Pass owners are a pair of weapon skins and some high-end crafting materials. You can see this content in the image below.

The weapon skins include safari purple and burst mountain, while one of the high-end crafting materials is Division tech. These items were delivered today to all Season Pass owners across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Earlier today, The Division’s servers were offline for three hours for regularly scheduled maintenance.

Looking ahead, The Division’s next major update, 1.2, is on the way. Ubisoft is not yet ready to share specifics, but it has teased that the update will introduce “significant improvements” for how the loot system works. Specifically, the quantity and quality of end-game rewards will be tweaked.

The Division launched in March and broke sales records. It hasn’t been completely smooth sailing, however, as the game has faced a number of bugs and glitches, many of which have been fixed. The developer has pledged to continue to improve the player experience in the future. You can read this post to find out some of the ways the developer is tackling cheating and exploits specifically.