More Mass Effect: Andromeda Funko Pop Toys Revealed

More Mass Effect: Andromeda Funko Pop Toys Revealed

For the second time this week, toy company Funko has announced new Mass Effect: Andromeda Pop Vinyl figures based on the sci-fi game. The new figures are for Peebee (with gun), Liam Kosta, Jaal, Sara Ryder (with mask and another with N7 suit), and the evil Archon. These add to the already-announced Andromeda figures for Peebee (no gun) and regular Sara Ryder.

Click through the images in the gallery below to see all the newly confirmed Andromeda toys. All of them arrive in March, which is the same month that Andromeda comes out.

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As you can see on the packaging, the Peebee figure with a gun is exclusive to Target, while N7 Sara Ryder is only sold at Best Buy; the masked Sara Ryder figure is exclusive to GameStop.

A number of games have seen Pop lines released previously, including The Witcher 3 and Titanfall 2, in addition to lots of entertainment franchises including Stranger Things and Game of Thrones. There are Pop figures for just about everything under the sun.

Andromeda launches on March 21 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Earlier today, BioWare released a new cinematic trailer that showed off some of your teammates and the bad guy, Archon–watch it here.

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