New Overwatch Event Begins Next Week; Limited Edition Skins Leaked [UPDATE]

New Overwatch Event Begins Next Week; Limited Edition Skins Leaked [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] Blizzard are yet to confirm what exactly is included in Overwatch’s Chinese New Year Event, but a new leaked image suggests a number of characters may get new, limited edition skins.

The supposed leak comes via Reddit user hythl0day, and it shows off what look to be new outfits for Winston, Reinhardt, Zenyatta, and Roadhog. They’re apparently dressed as characters from the famous Chinese novel Journey to the West. So Winston is the monkey king Sun Wukong, Roadhog is his pig monster apprentice, Reinhart the river monster apprentice, and Zenyatta is Sun Wukong’s Buddhism master. It’s currently unclear what tier these costumes will be part of.

The only other detail tidbit in the image was that the event may run from January 24 for one week, says hythl0day.

The original story is below.

The next Overwatch in-game event has been announced.

Blizzard announced today that a Year of the Rooster event will begin on January 24. This was revealed in a video posted on Twitter with the caption, “Good luck and great fortune await!”

There is no word just yet on what’s included with the new Overwatch event. But the teaser video shows that Mei appears to be getting a new skin.

D.Va is also apparently getting a new skin for the event, if the teaser below from Overwatch’s Korean account is anything to go on.

A Blizzard spokesperson told Polygon that the Overwatch Year of the Rooster event is going to be similar to past events, like those themed around Halloween and Christmas, in terms of scope.

Year of the Rooster may not be Overwatch’s only new event coming in the next month, as a leak pointed to the possibility of Valentine’s Day event for February…maybe.