New Warcraft Movie Clip Features Human Warrior Lothar

New Warcraft Movie Clip Features Human Warrior Lothar

With the Warcraft movie coming out next month, production company Legendary Entertainment has started to release trailers based around the film’s characters. Last week, we got a trailer that showcased orc leader Durotan, and now we have one focused on the human warrior, Anduin Lothar.

The trailer is a brief glimpse at some of the things Lothar will do in the upcoming movie. He rides a horse, stabs an orc, and jumps on a griffin–thankfully, it looks like the griffin was aware of what was going to happen, and Lothar isn’t some crazy person who jumps on unexpecting animals. The trailer doesn’t go too in-depth on who the character is, but it does give you a more focused look at Vikings star Travis Fimmel as Lothar. You can check it out for yourself below:

With a trailer for Durotan coming first, it could be expected that we’ll see more character trailers in the future. We could see videos for Garona and Orgrim, who are played by Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’s Paula Patton and Pacific Rim’s Robert Kazinsky respectively.

Warcraft hits theatres on June 10 and stars Fimmel, Toby Kebbell, Patton, Kazinsky, and Dominic Cooper. It’s directed by Duncan Jones, who has helmed Moon and Source Code. He’s also the son of late musician David Bowie.

In other Warcraft-related news, Jones discussed Spider-Man director Sam Raimi’s version of a Warcraft movie and how it had a “fundamental” problem. Jones also talked about how the upcoming movie will deviate from the game’s lore and why that shouldn’t worry you.