Nioh PS4 and PS4 Pro Resolution, Frame Rate Compared

Nioh PS4 and PS4 Pro Resolution, Frame Rate Compared

Nioh, the PS4-exclusive action RPG from Team Ninja, is one of many games that support PS4 Pro. The developer had previously said the game would be enhanced by Sony’s upgraded consoleand we also know the game has multiple performance modes–but some particular details were left unspecified.

However, a new report from Digital Foundry has shed new light on some of those details. According to the report, both PS4 and PS4 Pro run Nioh at 60 frames per second when the game is set to Action Mode in settings. Resolution takes a slight hit in this mode, however. Movie Mode, meanwhile, sees the game run at a locked 30 FPS, but a higher resolution (on both types of PS4). Lastly, Variable Mode attempts to fund a middle ground between the two.

It’s in the resolution that things get a little more complicated. On PS4 Pro, Action Mode means a variable resolution, ranging from 1080p to 720p. Movie Mode means a resolution that gets as high as 2160p and as low as 1440p, while Variable Mode drops to 2304×1296.

With the standard PS4, Action Mode mostly means a resolution of 720p, with “regular” jumps as high as 1728×972, says the report. Movie Mode is a steady 1080p, while Variable Mode on PS4 was not mentioned in the report.

Overall, Action Mode “makes for a better playing game” and on PS4 gives “a level of performance very close to that of the PS4 Pro,” says Digital Foundry.

In our Nioh review in progress, critic Miguel Concepcion says at times the game “plays like a superb spinoff of Dark Souls,” but has “shown potential in carving its own identity.”

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