Overwatch Backstory Explained Further in New Video, Winston Is One Goofy Gorilla

Overwatch Backstory Explained Further in New Video, Winston Is One Goofy Gorilla

Overwatch‘s open beta starts today, and if you want to know more about the game’s backstory, a new video from Blizzard should be able to fill you in a bit more. You can check it out for yourself below

In the video posted to the Overwatch YouTube channel, Winston tries to tell the story of the world’s heroes, but he continues to fumble the point. The intelligent gorilla says that an organization of heroes, which was c was created to protect humanity from a threat called the Omnics, an AI-controlled robot that were intended to help humans.

However, after the Overwatch agents put a stop to the Omnic Crisis, people eventually decided they didn’t need them and labelled them criminals. It’s not completely clear how this happened, but a video that featured Tracer trying to protect a robotic dignitary from Widowmaker could be a reason why.

Overwatch releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 24. If you preordered before April 29, you receive early access to the open beta, which runs from today at 4 PM PT to May 9. The beta will open for everyone on May 4 at 4 PM PT.

On PC, there are two different versions you can preorder: one that gets you the game and a Widowmaker Noire skin, and an Origins Edition that scores you five additional skins and some digital stuff for other Blizzard games. Buy the Origins Edition, and you’ll get a baby Winston pet for World of Warcraft, a unique card back for Hearthstone, Mercy’s wings for Diablo III, player portraits for Starcraft II, and access to Tracer in Heroes of the Storm.

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