Overwatch Hero Guide: How to Master Each Character

Overwatch Hero Guide: How to Master Each Character

Overwatch is packed with characters that each has their own unique skills and abilities. While it’s simple to pick up and play most of them, there are several important tactics you need to understand. In the weeks leading up to the game’s launch, we made in-depth guide videos on all of its characters. With so many videos to watch and learn from, we’ve compiled them all in one place. Below you’ll find our detailed series of videos offering tips and strategies on how to best play each hero.

We recently updated this feature with a guide on Sombra–Overwatch’s second post-launch DLC character. Be sure to check back often as we update this page with guides on future DLC characters.

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Sombra is a distinctive offensive character capable of rendering foes helpless and dealing a decent amount of damage along the way. With her hacking abilities, she’s capable of variety of tricks, such as disabling an enemy’s abilities, making a health pack regenerate fast, or seeing enemies through walls. In addition, her Translocator ability offers her the ability to freely enter and exit the frontline with ease. Sombra is well suited for those looking to sneak around and deliver grief to the opposing team.


Ana is a fascinating new character that uses a special sniper rifle capable of shooting bullets that heals her allies but damages her opponents. Unlike Widowmaker–whose primary role is to slay opponents–Ana is out there to provide support to her allies either by buffing them or putting members from the opposing team to sleep with her handy sleep dart. For more on how to use her, watch the in-depth video above.

Soldier: 76

If you’re new to Overwatch or shooters in general, Soldier: 76 is one of the best offensive characters to start with. He sports a well-rounded set of abilities and can handle a variety of situations. For more on how to use this masked commando, watch the in-depth video above.


Mercy is a valuable support character who’s capable of using her first-aid and ability buffs to maximize the effectiveness of both tank and offensive characters. In addition, her ultimate–the ability to revive downed teammates–can quickly turn the tide of any battle. For more on Mercy’s abilities and how to play her, watch the in-depth video above.


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Bastion is a formidable tank with an arsenal of heavy weapons. Its firepower easily makes it a priority target for the opposing team; that’s why it’s important to know how to utilize Bastion’s weapons and abilities. For more on this lethal robot, watch our Bastion Hero Guide video.


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D.Va is a powerful tank that can easily lay down the pressure against opponents. Her mech suit comes equipped with twin short-range cannons capable of continuous, high-damage fire without the need to reload. She also has a variety of useful offensive abilities that further her impact on the battlefield. For a closer look at how to use her, watch our D.Va Hero Guide video.


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Genji is a powerful offensive character whose hit-and-run tactics demand patience and precision. While he’s difficult to master, he should please any player willing to understand the subtle nuances of his attacks and abilities. For more on this cyborg ninja, watch our Genji Hero Guide video.


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If you like being a pest to your opponents, then Junkrat is the character for you. His wide-range of explosive weapons and abilities make him a great damage dealer for any team. For a closer look at how to use him, check out our Junkrat Hero Guide video.


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Hanzo is a sniper that requires precision and quick thinking. Players often underrate his abilities, but when they’re used properly, Hanzo can be incredibly versatile. For more on how to use this wandering archer, watch our Hanzo Hero Guide video.


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Lucio is one of the most effective support characters in the game, providing first-aid and ability buff support to teammates. He’s highly adaptable and is a great fit for any team. For the specifics on how to use him, check out our Lucio Hero Guide video.


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McCree is a powerful offense hero who’s best used against opponents at close-range. With his trusty magnum and its multitude of accompanying abilities that can instantly kill enemies, McCree is a force to be reckoned with. For a detailed look at how to use this gun slinging hero, watch our McCree Hero Guide video.


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Mei is a well-rounded and self-sufficient defense character capable of being a great nuisance to the opposing team. Her Endothermic Blaster can freeze enemies in their tracks, denying them their mobility while damaging slowly them. For more on her various ice-based abilities, check out our Mei Hero Guide video.


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Pharah is a great offensive character to play if you want to hassle the opponent while dealing considerable damage. When used properly, her rockets and jetpack make her highly effective at hit-and-run tactics. For a full breakdown, check out our Pharah Hero Guide video.


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Reaper is a deadly offensive character that specializes in close-ranged damage. With this wraith abilities, he can easily flank opponents and assault them with his dual shotguns. For more on how to use him effectively, watch our Reaper Hero Guide video.


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Reinhardt is an easy-to-use tank who primarily acts as a team’s frontman. With his handy shield and giant hammer, he can be used for a variety of effective offensive strategies. For a detailed breakdown on how to utilize his abilities, check out our Reinhardt Hero Guide video.


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Roadhog is a hefty tank that can quickly lay down the offensive against the opposing team. As a tank, he’s great for hassling enemies, bringing them towards him with his chain hook and bombarding them with his scrap gun. For more on how to play him, check out our Roadhog Hero Guide video.


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Symmetra can be an incredibly useful support character if played properly. With her handy teleporter and arsenal of turrets, she’s capable of easily tipping the odds in your team’s their favor. For more on how to use her abilities, watch our Symmetra Hero Guide video.


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Torbjorn is an engineer class hero capable of all sorts of useful strategies with his stationary turret. Whether you want to play him defensively or offensively, Torbjorn can be an effective addition to any team. For a detailed look on how to best utilize his skills, check out our Torbjorn Hero Guide video.


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Tracer’s strength as an offensive character lies not in her damage output, but in her ability to distract and annoy enemies. For more on how to use her, watch our in-depth Tracer Hero Guide video.


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Widowmaker is a formidable sniper with a plethora of abilities that support her long-range capabilities. With the ability to see through walls, plant mines, or grapple-hook her way on to a roof, she’s not a character that opposing players should take lightly. For a detailed breakdown on how to best use her, check out our Widowmaker Hero guide video.


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Compared to other tank class characters, Winston is less of a brute and more focused on disruption tactics. His mobility allows him the ability to get the jump on his opponents when they least expect it. For more details on how to use this guerrilla scientist’s abilities and tactics, check out our Winston Hero Guide video.


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Zarya is one of the most difficult tanks to play, utilizing an assortment of complex offensive and defensive abilities. While she may not be the robust tank to use at first, her abilities carry a wealth of nuance that’s fulfilling to master. For more on how to use her, watch our Zarya Hero Guide video.


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Zenyatta sports a wide range of support abilities that can aid in his team’s efforts to turn the tide of battle. But unlike most other support characters, he’s a great damage dealer, capable of throwing out high amounts of DPS at a time. For more on this Omnic monk, watch our Zenyatta Hero Guide video.