Paragon Shows Off New Imp-Controlled Robot Hero With an Infomercial-Style Video

Paragon Shows Off New Imp-Controlled Robot Hero With an Infomercial-Style Video

The next Paragon character has been revealed on the PlayStation Blog, and he’s a tiny winged imp. Thankfully for him, he’s got a sentry combat robot, which he uses to shoot a giant pulse cannon and protect himself with shields.

Grim.exe pilots the robot, whose pulse cannon receives bonus damage every eight seconds. Other abilites include slowing enemies and knocking them back, while his ultimate, Gyro Targeted Force Orb, locks on to enemies and passes through objects and non-hero units to get to them. You can check him out for yourself in the video below.

The imp and his robot are featured as one of the five Hero Master Challenges in the physical Paragon: Essentials Edition on PS4. This version costs $60 and includes five skins, in-game currency, and Master Challenges for Twinblast, Sevarog, Iggy & Scorch, Grim, and an unannounced hero.

You don’t need to buy a physical copy to get early access to Paragon, though. Digital Founder’s Packs cost $20, $60, and $100. The $60 Challenger Founder’s Pack offers 13 Master Challenges, as opposed to the Essential Edition’s five. Additionally, you get five weeks of three-win Rep boosts, a Hotrod Howitzer skin, and a $20 Founder’s Pack for a friend. You can see more Founder’s Pack details right here.

All heroes in Paragon are free, so you won’t have to buy anything to play as Grim if you wait for the full game to release, which will be free-to-play. If you already own the game or want to pay and jump in now, you’ll be able to play as the imp and his robot on May 10.

You can enter for a chance to win the Founder’s Pack in GameSpot’s giveaway. Find out how right here.

Paragon is available on PS4 and PC. There’s no set release date for the final version of the game.

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