PlayStation Plus Members Receive An Extra Freebie For Paragon Starting Tomorrow

PlayStation Plus Members Receive An Extra Freebie For Paragon Starting Tomorrow

We already have January’s free PlayStation Plus games and February’s are coming soon, but Sony has now announced an additional freebie that overlaps with the two months’ lineups.

To celebrate Paragon‘s approaching one-year anniversary, Plus members with a PS4 will be able to download a booster pack for free. According to a PlayStation Blog post, this has an estimated value of $26 and includes a skin, in-game currency, and various boosters. Here’s the official list of what’s inside:

  • Moon Viper skin for Khaimera
  • 200 Paragon Coins (in-game currency) to grab some skins and emotes.
  • One Loot Crate and one Key (open your crate to unlock Rare skins, Emotes, Master Challenges, and more)
  • 10-Day EXP Boost: Level up your heroes faster to claim Master Challenge rewards.
  • 10-Day Rep Boost: Gain more reputation to spend on card packs and more.

The booster pack will be available to Plus members beginning tomorrow, January 24. It’ll remain up for download on the PlayStation Store until February 21.

You may want to grab it immediately tomorrow in order to take advantage of a double XP event that also kicks off on January 24. This runs to January 30, with the game’s next free character (its 27th) set to debut on January 31. The character will be unveiled later this week.

This isn’t the first time Plus members have been steered toward trying out Paragon. A starter pack was offered as a bonus free download as part of the Plus lineup last July.

Paragon, which is also available on PC, is Unreal and (former) Gears of War developer Epic Games’ third-person MOBA. It recently underwent a major overhaul, replacing its map and tweaking numerous areas of the game.

Sony has not yet announced Sony’s free PlayStation Plus games for February. With next Tuesday being the last day of January, we won’t get our hands on those games–whatever they are–until the following Tuesday, February 7.