PlayStation VR Named One of the Best Inventions of 2016 by Time Magazine

PlayStation VR Named One of the Best Inventions of 2016 by Time Magazine

Time Magazine has posted its annual list of best inventions of the year, with Sony’s PlayStation VR making the cut in part for its relatively affordable nature.

“In order to access the most cutting-edge virtual reality, people typically have to shell out thousands of dollars–not just for a headset (like the $800 HTC Vive), but for a computer that’s powerful enough to support it,” Time magazine reported. “Sony’s PlayStation VR, by contrast, is designed to work with a console that millions of people already own: the PlayStation 4.”

PSVR goes for $400 by itself, though, as mentioned, it also requires a PS4 ($300 and up) and a PlayStation Camera.

Other inventions that made Time‘s list this year included Hmbldt Vape Pens and Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 shoes, which tie themselves. Go to Time‘s website to see all 25 “Best Inventions of 2016.”

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PlayStation VR went on sale in October; sales are “on track,” though no specific figure has been revealed.

GameSpot’s Jimmy Thang reviewed PlayStation VR, saying it’s not a must-buy at the moment.

“As a VR fan, I want PSVR to succeed, but it trips up too many times to wholeheartedly recommend at this point,” he wrote. “Many of the launch titles will make a large percentage of people sick, and it may lead to the false impression that VR has to make you nauseated. If you have a PS4 and are dying to get PSVR, then I’d recommend the $499.99 bundle which includes the PlayStation Camera, two Move controllers, and PlayStation VR Worlds.

“If you have a PS4 and are simply curious about VR, I’d hold out until more titles are released. While there are a handful of fun titles, there’s nothing that I’ve played at launch so far to indicate to me that the PSVR is a must-buy right now. For everyone else, I’d recommend saving up for a better reality.”