Rainbow Six Siege's Next Character Revealed

Rainbow Six Siege's Next Character Revealed

The first of two new Operators coming as part of Rainbow Six Siege‘s Velvet Shell update has been shown off for the first time.

Based on the brief video above, Jackal is a male Operator with a head-mounted display that seemingly allows him to view enemy footprints on the ground. It’s unclear what the limitations of this are, like how long footprints stay behind or how frequently he can use the ability. Nevertheless, this brief glimpse show the makings of an interesting character in competitive multiplayer (though he may not be quite as useful in Terrorist Hunt, where tracking enemies isn’t nearly as crucial).

Ubisoft has yet to share anything about the other new Operator. Both of the newcomers hail from Spain’s Grupo Especial de Operaciones, or GEO. The characters will be available for free to Year 2 season pass owners when Velvet Shell launches, with other players able to purchase them a week later.

Velvet Shell also introduces a new map, Coastline, that takes place in a Spanish resort. As with maps released during Siege’s first year of content, it will be available to everyone for free.

A live demo of Velvet Shell is slated to take place during the upcoming Six International tournament, which runs from February 3-5. We should be getting a glimpse of the other new Operator before then.