Resident Evil Movie Star on the Horrific Filming Accident

Resident Evil Movie Star on the Horrific Filming Accident

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter movie star Milla Jovovich has weighed in with her reaction to the horrific injury that stunt actress Olivia Jackson suffered on set last year. As detailed previously, Jackson’s injuries were so serious that her arm needed to be amputated.

Speaking to Collider, Jovovich said the accident, which involved a motorcycle crash, was so bad that the team considered cancelling the movie. The accident happened on the first day of filming.

“We were going to pull the plug on production, period; it was close,” she said. “What happened to Olivia was a nightmare, plain and simple. [Director Paul W.S. Anderson] was crying on the phone; I have never heard the man cry in the fifteen years that we have known each other, I mean it was the most shocking thing that I have ever been through, that Paul has ever been through and anyone on these movies has ever witnessed.”

Jovovich went on to say that what happened to Jackson was the result of a freak accident. The motorcycle stunt was a regular, run-of-the-mill sequence. Everyone was surprised when the accident happened.

“That accident shouldn’t have happened,” she said. “It was one of the most typical shots you could do on a motorcycle: straight ahead, camera goes over, you know it was something that everyone on crew has shot a million times in shooting car commercials. They are investigating what actually happened on that camera, but that shouldn’t have happened.”

All stunts are inherently dangerous, Jovovich said, but this was a “normal” action sequence.

“It wasn’t in anyone’s mind a dangerous stunt,” she said. “No one was going, ‘Okay this is a big one, this is a dangerous one, we gotta be prepared.’ It was normal. This is like what it is to be doing an action movie. It just took everyone so much by surprise, it was shocking.”

Jackson previously detailed her horrible injuries, which included a severed main artery in the neck, multiple broken ribs, a paralyzed arm (which was later amputated), a broken clavicle, a broken humerus, nerves torn out of her spinal cord, and a thumb that needed to be amputated.

Jovovich said it’s a miracle that Jackson survived.

“We all thought that, you know we were at the hospital when she first got taken in and just waiting for somebody to come out and say she didn’t make it,” Jovovich said. “It was one of the scariest things I have ever been through in my life and she is so strong and the doctors were obviously so amazing.”

Because the accident happened on the first day of filming, Jovovich did not have the opportunity to get to know Jackson very well. She said she wishes she did. Jovovich went on to say Jackson is an “amazing” stunt performer, so capable that the crew needed to find three people to perform the scenes Jackson was originally lined up to do.

“I mean she is a powerhouse. For one of her you need multiple other people so you know she was really the best stuntwoman in this part of the world and it has been very difficult to replace her,” Jovovich said.

Jackson’s accident was not the only one on the set of The Final Chapter. A member of the film’s production crew died on set in what film company Constantin Film called a “tragic accident.”

The Final Chapter opens in theaters on January 27, just a few days after the newest game, Resident Evil 7, comes out on January 24.