Ryan Reynolds Responds To Deadpool's Oscar Shutout

Ryan Reynolds Responds To Deadpool's Oscar Shutout

The nominees for the 89th Academy Awards were announced this morning and Deadpool, one of 2016’s biggest hits, didn’t show up anywhere. Now, star Ryan Reynolds, who pushed for Deadpool to be recognized, has responded to the shutout in a very Deadpool-like way.

After Deadpool received multiple Golden Globe nominations, Reynolds said the team engaged in a “grotesque” tickle-fight to celebrate. Despite receiving no Oscar nominations, he said today that the tickle-fights will continue.

“Regularly scheduled tickle-fight at Camp #Deadpool is still on,” he said. “Congrats to all the nominees for these brilliant films. #Oscars2017”

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Deadpool picked up a Golden Globe nomination for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, while Reynolds was nominated for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy for his portrayal of the character. Deadpool was shut out at the Golden Globes, with wins in those categories going to La La Land and Ryan Gosling for La La Land, respectively.

A major difference between the Golden Globes and the Oscars is there is no comedy category for the Oscars.

“I’ve always said that I wish the Oscars had a category for comedy as well,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s not an easy job. Oftentimes with comedies you have to have some pathos and real grit that in turn earns you the right to subvert expectations and be funny. It takes a lot of construction.”

Deadpool was a massive success, so it’s no surprise that a sequel is on the way. In recent news about the film, it has been confirmed that two characters from the first movie, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, are coming back for the sequel.

Deadpool 2 is set to be directed by John Wick’s David Leitch, who replaces the first film’s director, Tim Miller. The movie doesn’t have a confirmed release date, but Fox currently has two slots allocated for upcoming X-Men movies, in 2018 and 2019. One is thought to be Deadpool 2, the other possibly New Mutants.