See How They Make The Puppy Bowl In This Adorable Video

See How They Make The Puppy Bowl In This Adorable Video

A behind-the-scenes video for this year’s Puppy Bowl XIII has come online, showing off the work that is done to bring the show to life every year.

Animal Planet GM Patrice Andrews explains where the idea for the Puppy Bowl came from, while you’ll also hear from the official Puppy Bowl referee and the announcer about their experiences working on the show. Additionally, the video covers how dogs are chosen; two major criteria include being cute and knowing where the end zone is. Another standout in the video is MMA fighter Luke Rockhold, who appears three times and says the same thing each time: “Puppies playing football.” You can watch the full video here on YouTube; it was produced by the NFL.

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Puppy Bowl XIII airs at 3 PM ET this Sunday, February 5, which is a few hours before Super Bowl LI kicks off at 6:30 PM ET. It is then put on loop for the rest of the day.

Entertainment Weekly has a detailed rundown of what’s new this year. There is always a cat-themed halftime show, and this year “Kitty Gaga” will perform the song “Puparazzi.” This is a nod to Super Bowl LI halftime performer Lady Gaga, who will probably perform her song “Paparazzi.”

According to Collider, all of the dogs featured in Puppy Bowl XIII are from shelters and are up for adoption. According to the video, the Puppy Bowl, which started in 2005, is Animal Planet’s most popular and longest running show.

In other Super Bowl news, this year’s Madden NFL simulation predicted that the New England Patriots would defeat the Atlanta Falcons 27-24 in a thrilling game that came down to the wire. Additionally, Nintendo is airing a Nintendo Switch commercial during the big game–you can watch it right now.