See the Star Wars: Rogue One Disney Infinity Figures You'll Never Get

See the Star Wars: Rogue One Disney Infinity Figures You'll Never Get

Disney had planned Star Wars: Rogue One figures for its toys-to-life game Disney Infinity before its cancellation in May 2016.

Some of the planned figures were seemingly almost complete: B Allen, an artist who worked on many of the game’s previous toys, has shared pictures of a Baze Malbus figurine, in addition to an alternate Darth Vader statue.

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Kotaku reports that figures for the entire Rogue One rebel crew were planned, including main protagonist Jyn Erso and droid companion K-2SO. Heavenly Sword and DmC: Devil May Cry developer Ninja Theory was apparently making the accompanying in-game playset levels.

On top of the Star Wars figures, Allen posted images of scrapped toys based on Captain America: Civil War and the 2016 Disney films Moana and Zootopia.

Disney Infinity was cancelled last year, at the same time as its primary developer, Avalanche Software, closed down. Some versions of the latest in the series, Disney Infinity 3.0, no longer function as a result.

Allen’s images support earlier reports that a Disney Infinity 4.0 was planned. The canceled fourth edition in the series would reportedly have featured playsets from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Cars 3, and more.