Steve Carrel Trolled You; The Office Is Not Coming Back

Steve Carrel Trolled You; The Office Is Not Coming Back

The US version of workplace comedy The Office ended in 2013 after nine seasons. While not everyone may have enjoyed the final few seasons, the show is generally well-liked and has lots of fans. Those hoping to see a revival of the show got what they might have thought was a glimmer of hope recently, as Michael Scott actor Steve Carell tweeted that the show is coming back–but he was only trolling.

As spotted by Entertainment Weekly, on Wednesday, Carell wrote on the social media site that The Office was returning on NBC. He immediately followed this up with another tweet in which he says that was a “typo,” instead saying he meant to say that say Will & Grace is coming back, which NBC confirmed this week that it is.

On Wednesday, NBC ordered a 10-episode Will & Grace revival, which will premiere later this year.

Carell played Michael Scott on The Office for seven seasons. His character and Carell’s performance as the Regional Manager of Dundler Mifflin, was part of the reason why the show was so good. The last two seasons without him were not the same. He returned for the series finale.

After The Office, which netted Carell six Emmy nominations, the actor picked up an Academy Award nomination for the boxing drama Foxcatcher. He’s rumored to have a part in the upcoming Minecraft movie.