Supergirl Returning for Season 2 But on a Different Network

Supergirl Returning for Season 2 But on a Different Network

The CBS series Supergirl has been renewed for a second season. However, it will not be staying at the same network. The show will move to CW to join the other DC Entertainment televisions series Arrow, The Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Fans have speculated the move, which was revealed by EW, could be a better fit among CW’s already strong lineup of shows based on comic books. Supergirl had a strong start in its first season, grabbing 13 million viewers in its series debut. However, by the season finale, that number had dropped to 6.11 million, landing in the bottom half of the network’s programming in total views. However, that number is still above The Flash, which averages around 5.7 million each episode on CW.

With the change in networks, budget cuts may not be far behind. The pilot episode of Supergirl cost $14 million and each episode’s cost is roughly $3 million. This could mean that the second season will move from Los Angeles to Vancouver, where shooting is much cheaper.

Executive producer Greg Berlanti discussed how expensive the city is in an interview with EW last year: “The other thing I would say was incredibly hard, was just trying to do something of this scope and size, and, quite truthfully, in Los Angeles. It’s an expensive city to shoot in. These things don’t come cheap, and we didn’t want to do it if we couldn’t give it the scope that it really deserves.”

While the second season may cut back on the budget, Supergirl will still have a home, and that could mean another crossover with The Flash or the other shows in the CW/DC universe. At this time, there’s no news as to when the second season will start shooting.

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