The Biggest Moments from Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 4 [SPOILERS]

The Biggest Moments from Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 4 [SPOILERS]

Last week, at Castle Black, Jon Snow had to make a lot of important decisions about what he’s going to do with his new life. However, the biggest moments from this week’s episode of Game of Thrones didn’t come from Jon Snow. “Book of the Stranger” revealed some big moments in Daenerys Targaryen’s journey.

Warning: Spoilers are coming.

Daenerys Targaryen has found herself at Vaes Dothrak with all the other khal widows. She has to go before the khals. They are going to decide her fate. However, Jorah and Daario have infiltrated Vaes Dothrak, in order to save Daenerys. She still has a plan and goes into the meeting with the other khals.

She heads into tent to meet with them and in typical Daenerys fashion, she gets high and mighty while talking to the other khals. She says she will rule over them. She sets the tent on fire, killing everyone inside, except for her, since she is impervious to fire. She walks out to Vaes Dothrak, where the rest of the Dothrakis look on, and they all bow to the woman who couldn’t be burned.

It seemed like Daenerys was in a bit of a pickle being stuck in Vaes Dothrak with the other widows. This Dothraki city seemed like it was going to be her final stop. However, once again, she finds herself in a place of power. Anywhere she goes, she ends up becoming the leader, queen, khaleesi, etc. How is this going to affect her role in Meereen? Will she go back or will she once again lead the Dothraki people to conquer the western world?

“Book of the Stranger” dragged a bit. Some of the other big moments in the episode really kept the episode moving, but there were quite a few times where the episode felt slow. More importantly, many fans were wondering what was going to happen with Ned Stark at the Tower of Joy, which Bran saw visions of last week. Alas, Bran was not part of this episode, and it may be another week before we get any more progression in that story.

Other Notable Moments:

  • Sansa and Jon Snow reunite at Castle Black. She wants Jon to retake Winterfell and get rid of the Boltons. However, Ramsey Bolton sends Jon a message saying he has Rickon Stark, and he’ll do a plethora of horrible things to him and Sansa unless she comes back to Winterfell.
  • Tyrion becomes the voice of the queen while Daenerys is away and puts together an agreement with the slavers. They can have slavery for the next seven years as long as they stop supporting Sons of the Harpy.
  • The High Sparrow talks to Margaery Tyrell and allows her to see her brother, in order to try and get him to break, but Margaery is smarter than that and knows the game he’s playing. Cersei and Jaime talk to the council about taking the High Sparrow down.
  • Theon Greyjoy heads back to the Iron Islands and wants his sister to take the throne. Theon does not want to be king.
  • Ramsay Bolton has Osha cleaned up and lets her know that he knows that Osha helped Sansa. Bolton stabs her in the neck, and she dies, raising Ramsay’s kill count, yet again.

What did you think of this week’s episode? What were your favorite moments?