The Division 1.2 Update Will Offer "Significant Improvements" for Loot System

The Division 1.2 Update Will Offer "Significant Improvements" for Loot System

In its State of the Game blog post and livestream today, Ubisoft talked about The Division‘s upcoming 1.2 update. While the developer is not yet ready to share specifics, it was mentioned that the update will introduce “significant improvements” for how the loot system works.

One part of this involves tweaks to rewards for end-game content. “This includes changes on quantity and quality of items received for all types of end-game activities,” Ubisoft said.

The update is “coming along nicely,” Ubisoft explained, adding that it is going through “extensive QA testing” in preparation for its release.

Additionally, Ubisoft explained that The Division’s weekly maintenance took place this week on a Wednesday (today) instead of Thursday because this Thursday is a bank holiday in Sweden where Ubisoft Massive is based. While some developers will be in the office, “we prefer performing the maintenance when everybody’s available,” it said. Things will return to normal next week.

It was also mentioned in the blog post that, in addition to cracking down on cheaters, Ubisoft is now deciding how it can “go after” in-game chat spammers. “This as well has affected the player experience, and we’re keen on fixing it,” the developer said.

In addition, Ubisoft has restored The Division’s missing daily missions, which vanished this week. On top of that, Ubisoft said it has now made good on its promise to compensate players who were affected by the backpack bug or the missing character issue. As stated before, the compensation comes in the form of 500 Phoenix credits and 10 of each high-end materials. These can be claimed in the Base of Operations.

To learn more, you can read the full State of the Game blog post here or watch the video embedded above.

The Division launched in March and broke sales records but as mentioned, has faced a number of issues. Many of these problems have been fixed, but Ubisoft says it plans to improve the game further in the future. You can read this post to find out some of the ways the developer is tackling cheating and exploits specifically.