The Rise, Fall, and Future of Resident Evil: A 2-Part Video Series

The Rise, Fall, and Future of Resident Evil: A 2-Part Video Series

On January 24 Capcom will launch Resident Evil 7. The newest entry in the long-running survival horror series looks to be a dramatic reinvention and, in the lead up to its release, GameSpot took an in-depth look at the circumstances that led to the franchise being reworked.

In episode one of a two-part video series called “Reviving Resident Evil,” Tamoor Hussain delved into the past, talking to Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs creative director Dan Pinchbeck, Alien: Isolation director Alistair Hope, and Dead Space 2 level designer Matthias Worch about the impact Resident Evil had on the video game industry. From there he charted the series’ decline and the rise of indie and western developers, many of which were inspired by Resident Evil or carried on its legacy in some way.

The second episode in the series looked to the future, and featured interviews with the developers behind Resident Evil 7. It focused on the lessons Capcom has learned from the recent titles, the decision to reimagine Resident Evil, and the influences of modern indie horror titles.

In the creation of these videos we conducted a number of lengthy interviews. While parts of these are featured in the series, there was a great deal of unused material which will no doubt be of interest to fans of the series, so we’ve made them available below. Along with these, we’ve also collected a supplemental Resident Evil video on the history of Resident Evil. Check it all out:


Reviving Resident Evil

Part 1: RE-volution – We look at how Resident Evil changed video games, speak to developers it influenced, and chart its decline.

Part 2: RE-invention – We talk to the developers behind Resident Evil 7 about reimagining the series, learning from indies, and building a new future.

The History of Resident Evil

Joey Yee looks back on the long history of the franchise, and attempts to figure out what it really means to be a Resident Evil game.