The Sonic Boom TV Show Heads to Hulu Later This Month

The Sonic Boom TV Show Heads to Hulu Later This Month

Sega’s recent (very polite) request for YouTube uploads of Sonic Boom to be removed now makes a lot more sense: The company today announced plans for the show to make its way to video streaming service Hulu.

The entire first season–comprised of 52 11-minute episodes–will be available on Hulu in the United States later in May. The season, which kicked off on Cartoon Network in November 2014, concluded in November 2015.

“We developed this series so that it would resonate with both old and new Sonic fans, and have seen tremendous success for our first-ever CG animated series,” said Sega’s Ivo Gerscovich in a press release. “As we move into Sonic’s 25th anniversary this year, we’re excited to build on the momentum of our TV, games, and merchandising successes as we expand Sonic beyond games and into multiple entertainment categories.”

Sonic Boom is a kids series based on the Sonic Boom games, of which there are several: Rise of Lyric, Shattered Crystal, and Fire & Ice. The first two have been critically panned, while Fire & Ice is due for release on 3DS in September.