Two New Xbox One Controller Colors Revealed

Two New Xbox One Controller Colors Revealed

A pair of new color options for the Xbox One controller will be available soon, Microsoft announced today.

The first of these is the Ocean Shadow controller. This features the same design as the Dawn Shadow controller last year: It features a slick gradient (this time featuring a blueish-green color) on the front and sides, while the shoulder buttons, triggers, and back are solid black.

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Microsoft’s other new addition is the Winter Forces controller. It consists of an arctic camo pattern somewhat reminiscent of previous camo-style Xbox controllers.

Both of these are the Xbox One S-style controller that first debuted last summer, featuring Bluetooth support and expanded range. They each debut at “select” retailers on February 7 worldwide. In the US, they’re priced at $70 each, which is in line with the suggested retailer price for other “special edition” Xbox One controllers.