Uncharted: The Lost Legacy's Tone, Gameplay Teased

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy's Tone, Gameplay Teased

Don’t expect Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, the upcoming standalone game, to have the same tone as the rest of the Uncharted series. According to PowerUpGaming, creative director Shaun Escayg told Official PlayStation Magazine UK, “It [will] be tonally different, but in the same context of the Uncharted world.”

The Lost Legacy puts you in the shoes of the character Chloe, who appeared in past games (but not Uncharted 4) and hasn’t really been fully explored. The sympathetic villain Nadine from Uncharted 4 is also in the game, but we don’t exactly know how the two characters are connected.

It’s set in India. According to Escayg, this setting works well for Uncharted.

“India’s got really nice iconography: hidden temples and weird deities we can play off of, so it’s a perfect setting for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy,” he said.

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Game director Kurt Margenau is also quoted in the story, teasing that in terms of gameplay, you should expect something different from Uncharted 4.

“I would say we’re going a little more wide this time,” he said. “I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s something we’re excited about on the gameplay side, this kind of contrast of an urban setting and a rural setting; a tighter experience and more open experience.”

He added that Naughty Dog originally thought The Lost Legacy would be a DLC expansion for Uncharted 4 instead of a standalone game.

The Lost Legacy launches in 2017 for PlayStation 4. Watch the extended gameplay demo above from PlayStation Experience to get a closer look at the game.