Watch A Clip From Tonight's Gaming-Focused Episode Of CBS's Bull

Watch A Clip From Tonight's Gaming-Focused Episode Of CBS's Bull

Tonight’s episode of the TV show Bull sees Dr. Jason Bull helping a pro gamer to sue his manager after he is accused of throwing a championship game. Now, GameSpot can reveal a clip from the episode.

In the video above, you’ll see the major moment where the alleged transgression took place. The player missed what was supposed to be an easy shot in a game of Call of Duty and things get heated.

Bull witnesses this first-hand, as he is standing in the audience. The episode, “The Fall,” will see Bull attempt to prove that his client is a “compulsive winner psychologically incapable of losing on purpose.” $200 million was bet on the match and all may not be as it seems.

The clip also shows the commentator characters that gaming personalities Morgan Webb and Kevin “Purge” Godec play in the episode. “The Fall” airs tonight at 9 PM ET on CBS.

Another CBS TV show, Elementary, will air a video game-focused episode later this month. The episode, “Rekt in Real Life,” follows Holmes and Watson as they investigate the murder of a former pro gamer who died after being attacked during a livestream.

“Rekt in Real Life” airs Sunday, February 19, at 10 PM ET on CBS.

Video game storylines have appeared on network TV shows in the past. A 2015 episode of the NBC’s longrunning crime drama Law & Order: SVU featured a story inspired by online gaming harassment. NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura also aired a gaming-focused episode at least once.

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