We're Moving The Lobby, GameSpot's Weekly Live Show

We're Moving The Lobby, GameSpot's Weekly Live Show

For a while now, Tuesdays at GameSpot have always been about two things: new games and The Lobby. Our live show has been a chance for the GameSpot staff to come together, share stories of our favorite new releases, and recap the weekend’s events, all over the course of a one-hour livestream.

But something has been missing. Something has felt off. We spend this time every week talking about new games and the people who make them, but we haven’t involved you nearly as much as we want to. We have avid viewers with familiar names in the Twitch and YouTube chats every week, and we’re always excited to hear your take on things.

Moving forward, we want more of that. Each week, we’ll be Tweeting questions from the GameSpot Twitter account, collecting reader emails, and posting articles like the one you’re reading now. We’re moving the show to Wednesdays so you can join in the discussion after playing those new games. We want you to hang out with us as participants, not as observers. We want your feedback so we can morph the show into something that you enjoy just as much as we do.

From now on, The Lobby will air on GameSpot, Twitch, and YouTube at 11 a.m. PST every Wednesday.

For this week, we’ll be talking about Nintendo. What do you think about the Switch’s price and launch lineup? What does Nintendo need to do to make a comeback after the Wii U? Is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild enough to make you interested? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and we’ll collect your thoughts before tomorrow’s show. See you there.